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Out in January
The Rebel Doc Who Stole Her Heart
Barnes and Noble

Unbuttoned by the maverick!

Protected by her ice queen facade and wearing her designer suits as armor, heart surgeon Michelle Ross is always in control. Then maverick anesthesiologist Ty Smith sweeps into her operating theater and ruffles her well-groomed feathers!

He is her complete opposite, but even Michelle isn't immune to his charms—especially when she starts to see the real Ty. She knows that he'll soon be back on his sleek black motorcycle, out on the road again, but can she stop her heart from leaving with him…?

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"In less than 300 pages, you took your reader through a life of ups, downs, misconceptions, revelations, and as always let the romance shine through. Great read and I will be picking up more of your books."
- Patricia Patterson 

"Mrs Carlisle has very quickly become one the Medical genre's most reliable authors. Ten out of ten."
- rubcale

"What I enjoyed most was the fact that your character with cancer was making good progress. Thank you for your story line." 
- Jenny

"I always like a happy ending..."
- Margaret



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