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Success At Nationals
- Conferences can be an invaluable tool in a writer’s life but not every conference is created equal. A writer needs to concentrate on attending conferences that help him or her to meet their personal writing goals. This workshop presents practical guidelines on how to determine which conference best suits the writer’s needs. Read more...

Being a Writing Mentor - Mentoring seems to be one of the many buzz words people use today. Everyone is looking for a mentor or to be mentored. Read more...

Collaging - My first venture with collage was during Georgia Romance Writers’ Moonlight and Magnolia Conference. After being asked to help with a workshop, I put together my first collage and was amazed at how my story came alive. Read more...

Rejection - A Friend, Not a Lover - Rejection comes in many forms, and we all experience it. The one thing that separates the published writer from the unpublished is how he/she responds to rejection. The published author makes rejection work for her. Read more...

We Write for a Few - Despite book publishing being a billion dollar a year business it is supported by a small percentage of readers that do so regularly. Read more...

What Every Critiquer Needs To Know - For a number of years, I did little more than give lip service to writing Nick’s New Heart, the memoir about my one year old son who received a heart transplant nineteen years ago. Read more...

Could A Small Publisher Be Right For You? - Getting the attention of a publisher can be very frustrating for a writer. But thankfully not all publishers are created equal. There are only five or six major publishing houses and with these it is often difficult for an author to get in the door. Read more...

Is Guest Blogging For You? - A year and a half ago I was asked to join a group blog. The blog would be composed of eighteen to twenty romance writers working their way toward publication. I thought this was a great idea. Through the blog, and with the other members help, I could generate interest in my own writing. Count me in. Read more...

What I Wished I'd Known Before Being Published - I’m not a person that was born with the driving need to write. In fact, I came to writing rather late in life. I had no real idea what was involved in putting a book on paper. What I did know was that I had a story to tell. I’ve made a number of missteps on my way to publication, but I’ve also learned numerous valuable lessons. Read more...

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Writing Library

Writing Down the Bones by Goldberg

Write in Style by Christmas

Hodges' Harbrace College Handbook by Hodges/Whitten

100 Ways to Improve Your Writing by Provost

Success with Words by Readers Digest

On Writing by King

Cliffs Quick Review by Writing, Grammar, Usage and Style

Stein on Writing by Stein

Woe is I by O'Connor

The Word Book

Romance Writer's Phase Book by Kent and Shelton

Secrets of Getting Your Book Published by Vachon

Jeff Herman's Guide to Publisher, Editors and Literary Agents 2005

Writer's Market 2003

Goal, Motivation and Conflict by Dixon

Self Editing for the Fiction Writer by Brown and King

How to Write Romance by Pianka

Techniques of the Selling Writer by Swain

A Writer's Reference by Dianna Hacker

The Emotion Thesaurus: A Writer's Guide To Character Expression by Ackerman and Puglisi